12 Things to Reflect Upon…

For those outside of our classroom walls who follow our blog…this week the students’ assignment is to reflect upon their Quarter 2 learnings. It also got me thinking and reflecting on my teaching and guidance with these 6th graders. So on this day that marks our Winter Break, and in the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas… here is my list of 12 things to Reflect Upon (and cheer for!) about Room 414:

1) Room 414, you are WRITERS! I am inspired to see your thoughtful, creative, humorous blog posts every week- and excited to see others read your work (Yeah Student Blogging Challenge!) I plan to try as many of the recipes you posted on your blogs during the Break!

2) You are great mathematicians, constantly working towards communicating your thinkings and steps.

3) You’re avid readers that make connections to subjects in class or things out in the “real world”.

4) You are inquisitive! If only we had more time and paper to chart all your curiosities about cells and diseases….

5) You are patient, kind, compassionate and respectful individuals, who rarely complain. When you do, you always try to question authority with respect.

6) You are honest! Edith- only you would point out that a math answer was out in the open during a test!

7) You are a team – you recognize it’s often better to work together to do good, rather than work alone.

8) You have great morale & spirit – I love hearing Patrick’s group chants at the end of PE.

9) You are funny – Kyle makes a great play-by-play reporter (and time-keeper) during our basketball games.

10) I admire your perseverance with yourselves and others, especially when you are frustrated with anything (learning a new concept, getting devices to work, having broken or sprang body parts!…)

11) You’re true friends to each other – you were welcoming when new students arrived, and sad to see others go.

12) Room 414 is moving forward and growing.  I hope our quote on the whiteboard continues to inspire you: “Learners are like branches of a tree…we all grow in different directions, yet our roots stay the same.”

As we move forward into 2015, I hope you will continue all these positive things on my list and many more. We want our branches to keep growing and keep getting stronger. Don’t let negative things “infect” and “rot” them. I also want you to make me accountable. Let me know how I can be a better teacher for YOU! Make Camarena your safe place to learn and to never give up!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Weekly Blog Assignment: Dec. 15-19

Quarter 2 Reflection



So, we’re winding down Quarter 2 of our school year. Time to reflect. Go back to the

beginning of your student blog. You wrote about two goals: (1) academic and (1) personal which you would like to work towards achieving by the end of December. So, how did you do?? Write at least two paragraphs describing your thoughts about your performance. Consider some questions in your response:

1) What did I do (or not do) to reach my goal?

2) If one thing could have been changed, what would it have been?

3) Am I satisfied with where I am now?

Post your reflections. Feel free to include any photos from our class during the quarter to enhance your post, or clipart. Be sure to practice citing where the photo came in the “caption” box, to give credit.


Hour of Code Week! Dec. 8-15


13.12.11-Hour_of_Code-2logoThis week we are participating a week long celebration of computer science with the Hour of Code (more like several  hours). Click on this link to get started. Students, you will need to login with your Google Accounts, then type in the group code given in class. If you forgot it, please ask someone on Edmodo. Do not ask in the comment boxes here. A LOT of student around the world are learning these skills. Have fun (if the website doesn’t crash on you first!)


Vote Bella–our Edublog Finalist!!

So this week, I received an email that the 2014 Edublog Awards voting polls were now open. I didn’t think anything of it, until I noticed one of my student’s name, and the name of her blog, on the list. At first, I thought, “Hmmm, the name ‘Bella’s Blog’ must be pretty common. What a coincidence!” After all, there were THOUSANDS of entries in DOZENS of categories, from schools AROUND THE WORLD, that poured in to the Edublog headquarters in last month. SEVERAL Edublogs staff members sifted through them…really, what were the chances? But then I clicked on the link and got very excited. Our very own Bella H. from Room 414 was one of forty-four finalists for Best Student Blog 2014! 


I think I can speak for her classmates who are elated to have her nominated, and can’t wait to see the results in mid December. Now, we need YOUR VOTE!

—–> If you are a student under 13, then it’s easy…visit the Student Edublog Challenge Voting page and vote from the poll list.

—–> If you’re an adult, vote using the link above OR vote using the poll below. Results will show in real-time. The widget can also be embedded or shared so you can spread the word.

1) You will need to create a quick, free account. 2) Search the choice by keyword “Bella”. 3) Then click the “like” thumb to vote . You can vote once a day, every day until December 15th.

Thanks so much for considering her. And while you’re at it, please visit any of her 28 AMAZING classmates from their links on this page. They’d love to hear your comments!





Weekly Blog Assignment: Dec. 1-5th

Now that we are starting to transition into the genre of narrative writing, here is a chance to get creative! Think of what you already know about writing narratives (story plot, descriptive & figurative language, engaging the reader). Take this prompt, and show what you’ve got! Be sure to do a draft first in Google Drive (to spell check) then publish when you are ready to your student blog. Narratives are due Friday, Dec. 5th

“He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs. He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but still he climbed.”




Room 414- December Update

Dear Families-

Happy December! I hope this email finds you and your family well-rested from our week-long break! I am looking forward to working with your children as we come back to school tomorrow, Monday December 1st! We are now heading for the tail end of our Quarter 2. Here are some things to know for this month.

Friday Dec. 5th Winter Wonderland Donations DUE > We are still in need of donations for this year’s Winter scienceWonderland silent auction basket. Thank you to the Salcido, Payne and Cervantez families for your help! If you’ve secured any “Black Friday” deals, maybe these could go towards the basket?? Our classroom’s “Science Experiments” theme is due this FRIDAY. Sign-ups and suggested items can be found at
this Google Form link . Anything would be appreciated to represent our class. Please visit the school Camarena blog for other details about the Winter Wonderland coming Dec. 12th.

Thursday Dec. 18th Gallery of Experts > This is an opportunity to see your child’s expertise in either social studies or science in an informal “open house” gallery. We will be hosting the gallery in our own classrooms from 3:00-4:00pm. We would like your child to stay after school if possible to field questions, however we know this may not be an option for everyone. Please take a moment, if your schedule allows, to visit these very special projects!

report2Friday Dec. 19th Q2 Report Cards > As you may recall, during Quarter 1 conferences your child only received a report card detailing general behaviors, citizenship and homework habits. I was also able to show some samples of their work based upon Common Core expectations. Our school district has now finalized the official Common Core report card, and I will be able to give your child marks for subject areas taught for both Quarter 1 & Quarter 2. These will go home just before the Winter Break. There are no parent conferences scheduled in the second quarter. However, I will be happy to schedule any informal conferences after the New Year, once you have had a chance to review the new report card with your child.

Friday Jan 30, 2015 Camp Balance DUE > Camp Marston is in just two months! This week I will be sending home camp balance notices to remind of what your child needs to pay, as well as the medical health form. If your child has a history of asthma or other conditions which require a doctor signature, you may want to plan a visit to your provider well in advance to take of the paperwork. In January, we will have a parent informational meeting after school to review all the detail for luggage. Details to come.

Math > This week I will be focusing on using TenMarks – our free math online website – to review skills more
logo consistently. Students will be asked to work on these at their own pace during the week, with specific assignments due each Friday. Please be sure your child has Internet access to practice these math problems if completing at home. They will also have time in class to work on TenMarks as well.

Language > Also, this week, I will be introducing another online program called It will allow your child to practice grammar skills in context. They will get their own account login and be able to access it in class and at home. Just like TenMarks, students will be expected to work on assignments at their own pace, with specific due dates in mind.

Science > During the vacation, your child was assigned to collect research sources and notes on the science topic of their choice. These notes go towards one of the Gallery of Experts projects. Please review with them the project outline so they are prepared in class.

Welcome back!


Room 414- November Update

Dear Families-

We have just one more week before Thanksgiving Break. Then it’s…December?? Wow. Some things to note for the next few weeks:


See King Tut! > If you don’t have plans this weekend, the San Diego Natural History Museum is hosting “Walk Like an Egyptian Day” to celebrate the King Tut exhibit going on now. The family evnet is  Sat. Nov. 15th from 11am-3pm. See this link for more details. This  would be a great way to connect the social studies lessons your child has been learning in Mrs. Mabe’s class.
Winter Wonderland Donations > If you are willing and able, our class and photo (1)the PTA would very much appreciate any items to go towards our classroom’s “Science Experiments” themed silent auction basket. Sign-ups and suggested items can be found at this Google Form link. Anything would be appreciated to represent our class. Thanks in advance.



Math Modules > We are almost halfway through our third math module on Integers and Rational Numbers. Your child should be prepared to take a post test on this module the first week of December. Emphasis has been on clear, precise sentences to explain reasoning. Please quiz your child, verbally, by asking how they know the answer is correct. This will build their analyzing skills in math.

Blogging > Students continue to write short responses on their personal class blog. Please feel free to visit your child’s website and leave a comment on something they’ve posted. It will maketheir day to know they have an audience!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!


Who wants to argue??

This week we are learning how to FIND evidence to SUPPORT a claim in literature. In the coming days, you will be working on picking a side to answer the question: Did Bud use his rules to survive or thrive?

To practice finding evidence, make a connection to your own personal book you are reading. Every character has different character traits. Make a claim about what type of character traits a character from your book has. Support with evidence from the text. Be sure to start your response with the title, author and brief bit of background knowledge to help your reader understand the context. You may want to start from a list provide here by Scholastic, Inc. for help. (Note how I gave “credit” to the photo!)

Due Friday November 14th!charactertraits


Week #5 Pictures & Video

This week for our Edublog Challenge, we’re going to have one assignment and the rest of the week to play “catch up”. For the first learning activity, though we’re going to talk about using pictures & video and what it means to share these. You’ve learned how to insert these for a while. However, did you know just like citing evidence in your writing, we ought to be citing where the photos come from? Your assignment by Friday is to watch this video and write a blog post about what you learned from it. Remember, if watching at school that you will need to login into iBoss first for the YouTube video.

#1 Sharing Photos & Video and Types of Sharing Licenses

#2 VISIT OTHER BLOG SITES!!! Visit our international friends and comments on more of their posts. Make this your first visit before your classmates, this time.


Where in the World??

With this week being busy with Red Ribbon Week activities and collaboration time, we won’t have as much time in class to type on your blogs. SOOOO, you need to be responsible to take care of the posted activities by Friday. You have ONE activity to complete this week- #1. If you get done early, you may do the second one listed for fun, and keep you followers entertained.

Week 4: Town & Country Californias-Natural-Wonders

These activities relate to where you live, OR where you may want to live! You have probably a bit of evidence of where your international blogging friends are from. However, what do you REALLY know about your city or state? Challenge them with some questions about us.

Activity 1

If you could live anywhere in the world, universe or world of books, where would it be and why? Cite specific evidence, not just because “it’s cool” or “it’s fun” Help your readers understand why. Paint a picture for the reader. Adding images are helpful.

Activity 2

Get your readers investigating. Come up with at least 5 quiz questions about Chula Vista OR California that you could ask your overseas visitors to answer. (For example: What are some amusement parks to go on vacation? Where is the best place to view animals/wildlife in your state? Where is the best scenery in your state?) You need to have some answers in mind. Remember to ask readers to leave their comment/answers, as well as the URL of their own blog so you can reply if they are correct.

Post are due FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st…how frightening! Happy-Halloween