Where in the World??

With this week being busy with Red Ribbon Week activities and collaboration time, we won’t have as much time in class to type on your blogs. SOOOO, you need to be responsible to take care of the posted activities by Friday. You have ONE activity to complete this week- #1. If you get done early, you may do the second one listed for fun, and keep you followers entertained.

Week 4: Town & Country Californias-Natural-Wonders

These activities relate to where you live, OR where you may want to live! You have probably a bit of evidence of where your international blogging friends are from. However, what do you REALLY know about your city or state? Challenge them with some questions about us.

Activity 1

If you could live anywhere in the world, universe or world of books, where would it be and why? Cite specific evidence, not just because “it’s cool” or “it’s fun” Help your readers understand why. Paint a picture for the reader. Adding images are helpful.

Activity 2

Get your readers investigating. Come up with at least 5 quiz questions about Chula Vista OR California that you could ask your overseas visitors to answer. (For example: What are some amusement parks to go on vacation? Where is the best place to view animals/wildlife in your state? Where is the best scenery in your state?) You need to have some answers in mind. Remember to ask readers to leave their comment/answers, as well as the URL of their own blog so you can reply if they are correct.

Post are due FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st…how frightening! Happy-Halloween


Edublog Challenge – How’s your week?

Room 414 Robogriffins & their Families!!

If you’re reading this post, we are glad to have you! Our class has jumped right in with the Student Edublog Challenge for 2014. Students are catching up with the masses by completing assigned activities from the first two weeks. These have included:

Week 1: Write “All About Me” along with a personal and academic goal for Quarter 2

Week 2: Choose & create an avatar / Write a post describing how it fits your personality

Some are charging along and are ready for more!

So class…..If you are done with your Week 2 Challenge, get a head start on the following week. Click through any links to get more information.

Week 3: Commenting and Connecting

A large part of blogging is about two-way expression! One could consider blogs to be first true examples of social media. If no one reflected and wrote back their opinions on your blog post, you’d never know if it made a difference to your audience! Just look at how much impact the comments can make on any YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook page. So comments can have an impact. It’s feedback for the writer. It’s feedback for you.

Activity #1 - Watch the following video (9 minutes long )for tips for making a quality blog post. You may need to log into iBoss here first if the video is blocked at school.

Activity #2  Comment on your classmates – After watching the video, you will comment on 6 different student blogs from our class. You MUST pick one person from each of the rows/tables in our class. (For example, a person from Row 1, a person from Row 2, etc.). If the person you had in mind still doesn’t have a post, choose someone else. Go to each person’s blog and read one of their posts. Think of the video’s suggestions, then write back a quality comment! You will certainly not be limited to how many comments you make to one another, so more is fine. However, if someone isn’t receiving any comments at all, I may ask for some volunteers to give feedback.

Activity #3  Commenting field trip - Let’s go travelling!!  That’s what this is all about, right? Listed below are some other classes/students from around the world. Please visit all six by the end of the week, read some of their posts and make comments where something impacted you. Here’s the thing to remember (besides what you learned from the video): include your website URL in the comments! There is a chance the writer will now visit YOU! **We will review how to include your URL address in a blog post, in class.

Australia – Mrs Pratt’s 5/6/7  (Student blogs on left sidebar)

Australia – Mrs. Miller’s 6A (Student blogs on left sidebar)

China – Felix’s Blog

USA (CA) – Kendall’s Kreative Blog

Australia – Emily’s Blog

New Zealand – Noah’s Blog

Activity #4  Overseas Blog Post - Which over the blogs was your favorite? Describe who wrote the blog, where it is coming from, and what you enjoyed the most about reading this blog. Was it a certain post that you made a connection? Did they have something amazing to share? Be specific. Bonus points if you can include a photo to enhance your response.


Student Edublog Challenge 2014


Room 414 is going to take the plunge into student blogging this quarter! Every student has their own student blog which they will use to express their thoughts, share ideas, and attempt challenges around the globe! At the same time, they will be learning valuable skills in digital citizenship and global perspectives. We challenge you to connect with us through the Student Edublog Challenge. All comments will be moderated temporarily.


Room 414 – October update

Dear Families-

Happy Fall! I trust you had some time to relax your brains with your children – or least they did! Here are some important notes for this month.

Report Cards > Thank you to all of who were able to attend parent-teacher conferences back in September. I appreciate your understanding for the District’s new report card, and hope showing some work samples gave you a better picture of math and writing standards for 6th grade. Many of the ideas and discussions I had with families I’d like to try to implement this quarter. If I still have not spoken to you regarding your child’s report card, please contact me for a phone conference as soon as possible. I am available by school phone until 4:30pm most days.

Moms & Muffins (Wed. 10/8) and Donuts & Dads (Thurs. 10/9) >

If you haven’t seen Dr. Winters’ school wide blog post, PTA is hosting a chance for you to sit

in your child’s classroom. Just as we did last year, you are welcome to shadow your child from 8:15-9:30am. Room 414 will be reviewing some PE skills, then taking on dividing fractions. Come by if you have a free moment!



Camp Fundraiser > At conference time, I mentioned to most parents that 6th grade did not plan for any camp fundraisers. However, that has now changed. Your child received an order form to sell Butter Braid pastries. You can check out their website here: This is completely voluntary, but will certainly help subsidize the camp cost. You child will earn $6 for every pastry item sold. Orders are due October 24th, with the items delivered flash frozen on November 6th – just in time for the holidays. If you have sent in money towards camp, I can refund that amount to families.

Curriculum Subjects to cover Quarter 2…

Math > Division of Fractions

Language & Writing > Bud,Not Buddy chapter book, poetry, and primary source speeches; Argumentative writing, student blog posting

Science > Cells & Organisms & Project Based Learning

Social Studies > Egypt & incorporating Argumentative writing

Tech > Google Apps for Education (word processing, file storage), TenMarks (math), Glogster (interactive poster publishing)


If we missed you at Curriculum Night…


…here is the Powerpoint the Sixth Grade teachers shared in their classrooms. If you need any clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us!



Fall Parent Conferences – 2014

6_parent_teacher_conference1-960x632Dear Parents-

Our Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences are approaching in less than three weeks. Attached is an online link for you to sign up to meet with me. Some notes:

• Conference availability will be Thurs. 9/11-Thurs 9/18. I will not be free on Friday 9/19.
• Slots range from 1:30-5:30pm
• Meetings will be between 20-25 minutes
• I ask that your child attend the conference with you, if possible.

Please click on this link for the online Fall Parent-Teacher
Conference form

If you have any last minute changes or cancellations, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance. I will be happy to reschedule the date, the best that I can.

Thanks for all your support!


August Update

Dear Room 414 Families-

Can you believe we’re heading into our fourth week of school? I wanted to first thank you for your cooperation with your child’s adjustment to 6th grade. Also, if you have received this through a Teacherease invitation, welcome to Teacherease online!  This is an online grading system that you can access to see your child’s grades. I will be using this throughout the year to record your child’s homework, tests and participation.  I also use it to send mass communication directly to your email. Our class blog will include the same info, in case you do not have access to email. Here are some things I wanted to mention for August. Please read through the entire email.

Dates to Remember

August 11- 14  > Book Fair. PTA is looking for volunteers to help. Students may  attend at recess and lunch to purchase books. Home_Photo_books

August 12 > School-wide Bus Evacuation Drill

August 19 > Curriculum Night. Please make arrangements for your children, if possible. PTA meeting starts at 5:30, then all teachers will provide two sessions (6:00 & 6:30) each running a half hour. This way, if you have two children in different grades, you may attend. I will give general information about 6th grade and clarify any general questions about the curriculum. If you have more specific questions about your child, please consider emailing me for an appointment.

August 20 > Picture Day!

Homework >Students are doing a great job turning in homework in and on time. I will be checking homework for “6th grade quality” work. This looks like: complete and thoughtful sentences, showing math work and procedures, and neatness.

Class Blog & Photos > Based upon the papers sent to the office, it is my understanding that I DO NOT have any students who aren’t allowed to have their pictures taken and published online. I do take photos & video frequently, and would like to share this on our class blog or Twitter. If you do not wish to have your child’s face online, please let me know as soon as possible.

 Curriculum Quarter 1

Language Arts –  Theme: “Rules to Live By”. Reading whole class Bud, Not Buddy. Focuses will include literal & figurative language, tone, citing evidence, drawing comparisons to other genres of text.

Math – Ratios and Rates. Ratios, equivalent ratios, application to real-world scenarios, unit rate.

Science – Matter & Chemical Reactions. Focus on observing, analyzing, recording and writing informational pieces on this unit.

Social Studies* – Geography, Early Man (*this class  is taught by Mrs. Mabe)

I have been so impressed with your children, and getting to know them in just the few weeks we’ve been together. I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming weeks!


The Last Week of School!


The final week is here! A letter will be going home tomorrow with this week’s details. It will be similar to the ones we have been sending home in the last weeks, with just extra details for the Picnic in the Park (things the kids can bring and not bring) and classroom Potlucks.

All 6th grade classroom potlucks will be on Thursday 6/5. The cafeteria will NOT be preparing lunches for our grade level. I will provide pizza and paper goods. If you are willing to send extra snacks or drinks with your child, that would be greatly appreciated! You are only signing up items for our class (not for all 6th grade classes). Also, on Thursday, Room 414 students will be allowed to bring their own games (board or electronic to the classroom). If they bring a video game, they must have all the right equipment and cords to hook it up to our classroom tv, and the games MUST be rated “E” or “E10″. No “T” (teen) games. The link to sign up for the potluck is included below:


Rubio’s Fundraiser





Yearbook Dedications


The following information is provided by PTA….yearbook

Dear Parents,

For all those who ordered dedications for the yearbook and have not yet submitted them yet, please send them to by Friday, April 11.   Late submissions will not be included in the yearbook, and NO REFUNDS will be given.

Please email your dedications as soon as possible.  Please make sure to include name of the student, and your message, in 25 words or less. 

Thank you very much!


Camarena Yearbook Committee