This week the 6th grade classes have been working more on “teamwork.” Room 414 has discussed as a whole, brainstormed in small groups, and even participated with the other 6th grade classes in several activities requiring teamwork. This is a great way for the students to think “outside of the box” as well as determine ways to meet a goal…without getting into WAR!  I’ve addressed that part of being a team means “letting go” if you don’t agree with the majority for the sake of finished the mission. Also, to not take things personally. Students need to be reminded of the purpose of the goal, and that ultimately that they have to keep moving forward and not give up, even if there are disagreements. Students came up with some great analogies such as watching politicians on the news, and even recent stories like the Zimmerman trial.

Below are some observations students came up to describe the various team-building lessons we’ve done so far. Click on our Student Gallery to see what our recent PE activities looked like that involved TEAMWORK!


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