Where in the World??

With this week being busy with Red Ribbon Week activities and collaboration time, we won’t have as much time in class to type on your blogs. SOOOO, you need to be responsible to take care of the posted activities by Friday. You have ONE activity to complete this week- #1. If you get done early, you may do the second one listed for fun, and keep you followers entertained.

Week 4: Town & Country Californias-Natural-Wonders

These activities relate to where you live, OR where you may want to live! You have probably a bit of evidence of where your international blogging friends are from. However, what do you REALLY know about your city or state? Challenge them with some questions about us.

Activity 1

If you could live anywhere in the world, universe or world of books, where would it be and why? Cite specific evidence, not just because “it’s cool” or “it’s fun” Help your readers understand why. Paint a picture for the reader. Adding images are helpful.

Activity 2

Get your readers investigating. Come up with at least 5 quiz questions about Chula Vista OR California that you could ask your overseas visitors to answer. (For example: What are some amusement parks to go on vacation? Where is the best place to view animals/wildlife in your state? Where is the best scenery in your state?) You need to have some answers in mind. Remember to ask readers to leave their comment/answers, as well as the URL of their own blog so you can reply if they are correct.

Post are due FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31st…how frightening! Happy-Halloween

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