Transitions…Inauguration Post

NASA HQ PHOTO via CompfightThis month may mark a new year, but this week marks new leadership in our government. On January 20th, President-Elect, Donald Trump will be reciting his inaugural pledge to the nation in Washington D.C. The country is very divided whether or not Mr. Trump should have been elected. Nonetheless, he will be our 45th President of the United States. 

Your post this week should be 2+ paragraphs:

  1. Research and summarize the history of the Presidential Inauguration. Include fun facts or interesting things you did not know about. Use credible sources such as .gov, & .org websites. Be sure to cite where you found this information.
  2. As an American, what are you hoping will come out of this Presidency? It is NOT the place to write what you do or don’t like about Mr. Trump. We have seen plenty of fighting on TV.  It is your opportunity to talk about what you are hopeful for.  After all, he will be President until you are in high school.

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