Flush – P.O.V. (Point of View)

As our class is reading Flush, by Carl Haissen, continue to pay attention to the different points-of-view of the characters. For this week’s post, focus on Noah. Your task…

Write 3 separate paragraphs describing Noah’s POV of the following three characters, and specifically how his view has changed / developed since the beginning of the story. 

Noah’s dad, Abbey, Shelly

Your paragraphs should match our R.A.C.E.R. writing strategy, and start with a clear topic sentence (restate), end with a clear conclusion (restate). You can paraphrase your “C” (cite evidence) by just giving the example in the story, instead of a specific page or chapter. Your post may start off something like this (note, you shouldn’t color code them like our poster. This is just is just for effect):

In the book Flush, the main character Noah has many different points of view of the people around him. In the beginning of the book, his POV of ___________ was ______________________________. An example of this was when __________________________. This event made /caused / affected _______________________ because __________________. Later, Noah’s POV changed to __________________ An example of this was when __________________________. Another example of this was when __________________________. This means / This shows that _________________________.  These are some examples of Noah’s POV of ________________________.

This is just a guide. I hope you will vary your sentences, so they do NOT sound like a cookie cutter paragraphs. Plan your ideas, then write. POSTS ARE DUE FRIDAY, APRIL 28th

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