First full week…


Your child’s first full week is well underway. Here are some reminders for PARENTS, now that things are starting to settle in…

  • If you have not returned the white “Student Disaster Card” given by the office, please do so immediately. I need these in case of an emergency, or to have for a substitute.
  • If you have not checked your email for a message from Teacherease, please check! Teacherease is your child’s online gradebook system. This is a similar system that the middle schools uses. Once you create a free account, you can keep track of your child’s grade week-to-week. Teacherease is also the primary way I communicate to parents, besides email. All detailed class bulletins and announcements will be send e-blasted via Teacherease.  However, still feel free to check the blog!
  • The purpose of the class blog is to display student work, media, Twitter feeds, video links, and events. Students will need to know the blog address to access their own student websites. Visit the blog to read your child’s website as the year goes on.

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