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Mrs. Hughes’ 6th Grade is one of six 6th grade classrooms at Camarena Elementary School.  The first of its kind in the Chula Vista School District, our two-story campus opened in July 2013. It’s named after U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena who was tragically slain in service while working undercover in Mexico, in 1985. Because of our close proximity to the US/Mexico Border, we are constantly reminded of his sacrifice in an effort to protect citizens and youth from illegal drugs.

Eastlake-Hills-910x400The beauty the comes out of tragedy is the work we do every day in the classroom. Our community of Eastlake/Windingwalk is a residential suburb of larger Chula Vista, California.  We are fortunate to learn in such an amazing location, overlooking the eastern hills of Chula Vista and the Lower Otay Reservoir. The neighborhood is under ten years old, with new houses and shops being constructed every day. If you do a Google Earth search of our school, you will see its construction beginnings from earlier in 2013!

Our school, and therefore, our class has a mission. We strive to be strong role models, collaborators, and digital thinkers in a global world.  Students are reminded of Enrique Camarena’s character traits: strength, courage, intelligence and leadership through our school mascot, the Robo Griffin. Since much of the classroom learning is student driven, it made sense that our mascot was designed and voted upon by the students.screenshot-2013-10-24-23-07-14-1

Students will also have their own student blogs hosted here  to widen their global connections and meet other elementary students online. To see what we are up to during the year, please check back or follow us on our social networks available on our website. We hope to join many more web opportunities that can help build our skills as digital learners.


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