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Welcome Back, Robogriffins!

Hello, 6th Grade Parents & Students! I am so happy to welcome you back to Camarena for our 2017-2018 school year, and welcome to Room 414!  Hopefully, your 6th grade child isn’t boasting too much as being the “top dog” of the school. However, he/she IS going to get some great perks being in the 6th grade wing (reference this awesome photo from outside our classroom)  A few notes:

  • If you weren’t able to come to the school Meet & Greet with our new principal, Mr. Jonathan Strout, I know he will be around to get to know you and your child. All the teachers are very enthusiastic of his arrival, and I’m sure you will be too.
  • The first day of school is a minimum day, with dismissal at 1:15pm. Our 6th Grade teachers will be team-hosting our Curriculum Night the first day after school at 2:30pm. THE FLYER IN THE PARENT PACKETS MAY BE WRONG!!  COME AT 2:30! Please go to the second floor of the 400 wing for more details.
  • Download my student supply listed below.  Each teacher’s list is different.  Please have all supplies ready by the following Monday,  July 24th – the first full week of school.

Looking forward to meeting each of you in the coming weeks!

Hughes Supply List – 2017-18.pptx-2ibz376

Flush – P.O.V. (Point of View)

As our class is reading Flush, by Carl Haissen, continue to pay attention to the different points-of-view of the characters. For this week’s post, focus on Noah. Your task…

Write 3 separate paragraphs describing Noah’s POV of the following three characters, and specifically how his view has changed / developed since the beginning of the story. 

Noah’s dad, Abbey, Shelly

Your paragraphs should match our R.A.C.E.R. writing strategy, and start with a clear topic sentence (restate), end with a clear conclusion (restate). You can paraphrase your “C” (cite evidence) by just giving the example in the story, instead of a specific page or chapter. Your post may start off something like this (note, you shouldn’t color code them like our poster. This is just is just for effect):

In the book Flush, the main character Noah has many different points of view of the people around him. In the beginning of the book, his POV of ___________ was ______________________________. An example of this was when __________________________. This event made /caused / affected _______________________ because __________________. Later, Noah’s POV changed to __________________ An example of this was when __________________________. Another example of this was when __________________________. This means / This shows that _________________________.  These are some examples of Noah’s POV of ________________________.

This is just a guide. I hope you will vary your sentences, so they do NOT sound like a cookie cutter paragraphs. Plan your ideas, then write. POSTS ARE DUE FRIDAY, APRIL 28th

Slice of Life: Robotics Week!

All this week is National Robotics week! As a Slice of Life entry, let’s focus on the text type: descriptive writing. Click on the National Robotics link and explore the “trading cards” lists. Choose 1-2 cards and describe which one(s) is/are the  most interested to you. Describe what they are and WHY you chose them.

If you download the “Robots for Ipad” app, there is much more including videos of how these robots are used in the real world.  Do you have your own toy robot? On Friday, I will permit you to bring it in and demo it with the class, with your parents permission!

Middle School Post

As we prepare to take our class field trip to the middle school, think about what it means to be a 7th grader. You may need to draft your post in two parts to successfully complete this. In at least 2 paragraphs, answer the following:

  1. What are you excited for in middle school, and what are you nervous about? Explain with examples (perhaps you have stories from friends or siblings that are influencing your thoughts.)
  2. After visiting Eastlake Middle, what did you enjoy the most about the field trip? What is something you didn’t know before that you find interesting or would like to learn more about in 7th grade?

Edublogs: Outdoor Education

We’re just one week away from our big adventure of 6th Grade Camp! In this week’s post, write at least 2 paragraphs answering Ivan Kodzhanikolov via Compfightall three questions.

1) What is the one thing you can’t wait to try or experience at camp? Describe it, and explain why.

2) What is one thing you hope to avoid or doesn’t happen to ruin your camp week? Describe it, and explain why.

3) What will you miss from home or school? Describe it, and explain why.

If you are not attending camp, change “at camp” to “at school” and adapt your opinion to your situation.

The Best Quest!

Think of quests you know of from an exciting book, movie, TV show, or even our history books. What has been the best quest story you know of? Remember, a quest is a long journey with the purpose of seeking riches, fame, freedom, or getting to know who you are better. Is your choice a story of good vs. evil? A story of battles over a religion or cause? Or is it a story of a character finding his true potential and place in the world?

Choose one book, movie, TV show or historical event (myths would count to!) that fits the description of an epic quest.  Briefly summarize what the story is about, and the explain why the plot and characters would be considering “quest” material.


Transitions…Inauguration Post

NASA HQ PHOTO via CompfightThis month may mark a new year, but this week marks new leadership in our government. On January 20th, President-Elect, Donald Trump will be reciting his inaugural pledge to the nation in Washington D.C. The country is very divided whether or not Mr. Trump should have been elected. Nonetheless, he will be our 45th President of the United States. 

Your post this week should be 2+ paragraphs:

  1. Research and summarize the history of the Presidential Inauguration. Include fun facts or interesting things you did not know about. Use credible sources such as .gov, & .org websites. Be sure to cite where you found this information.
  2. As an American, what are you hoping will come out of this Presidency? It is NOT the place to write what you do or don’t like about Mr. Trump. We have seen plenty of fighting on TV.  It is your opportunity to talk about what you are hopeful for.  After all, he will be President until you are in high school.

Edublogs: Cultural Food


Now that the holidays have arrived, this week’s post is thinking about FOOD! So without drooling…share a favorite recipe you and your family absolutely love. Perhaps, it’s a recipe that your grandma passed down. Or maybe it’s something you and your family make every special occasion. It can be a holiday recipe, or just one you enjoy on the weekends. You can interview your family member to get more history if you need to. If you family doesn’t cook together, find a favorite recipe online that you would like to try. To post, you need to TYPE IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM FIRST, THEN COPY & PASTE TO EDUBLOGS!

  1. Write 1-2 paragraphs describing what is the recipe, and WHY you chose it. How is it special to you?
  2. Copy and paste (or retype because of formatting) the entire recipe. Don’t leave any steps out! That can make or break how it tastes!
  3. Include a photo, and be sure to give credit.

Edublogs Challenge: Community

Last week was Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoyed some time with family and friends. To continue that idea of “togetherness,” this week’s topic is community. What type of communities or groups do you have either in school, outside of school, or both?

These communities might include…

  • sports teams
  • school activities and clubs (ie. Garden Club, Safety Patrol, Cooking Club, Robotics, Student Council, etc)
  • outside activities (ie. Boy Scouts, volunteering, music)
  • groups with your family (neighborhood, church)

Think about some of these questions. You may want to include some of these as you describe your post.

  1. What is your “part” in your community group?
  2. What do you like about your group? Dislike?
  3. What group might you want to be part of later in life?
  4. How does your group affect others around you?

“Casey at the Bat” – Part 2…

Last week we read the poem “Casey at the Bat” and worked through the author’s word choice and analyzed the plot & mood of the story. However, we were struck by how the poem ends so abruptly! What happens to Casey next? How is he feeling? How is his team feeling? Is this the end of his career?


This week, your challenge is to write more to the ending and post it to your blog. You have two options:

  1. Come up with another rhyming stanza to add on to the ending. It should be in the same poetic form as the original (aabb = first two lines rhyme, second two line rhyme)
  2. Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs narrating what happens to Casey after he loses the game and “struck out.” Include Casey dialogue with another character.