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This a list of common questions the teachers get about camp. Please look to these as a guide. If your question is not answered here, please contact Mrs. Hughes directly.

Q. Do students get to choose who they bunk with?

Yes, up to three same-gender friends. They can be from other 6th grade classes. However, the teachers and camp staff will have the final decision if the group is appropriate based upon behaviors, personalities, and room accommodations. Camarena will be bunking with students from Eastlake Elementary as well, so there is a chance your child may room with someone from that school. 

Q. Are the teachers going to be there?

Yes. All teachers will be at camp for all or part of that week, working around their other family obligations. Mrs. Hughes will be there all 5 days – day and night. Teachers will not be bunking with the students. Only assigned camp counselors will be with your child in the cabins.

Q. Can students bring their cell phones?

No. Per camp policy, electronics such as cell phones, iPads, iPods, games, and other toys are prohibited at camp. Students may bring a disposable camera or small digital camera labelled with their name on it.

Q. Will parents be able to contact their children?

Parents are welcome to write letters in to their child in advance, and drop them off with either Mrs. Hughes or the school office. You can write as many letters as you like!!!  In the past, parents who have written more than one letter often include which day they would like their child to receive it. Teachers will make at least one courier run to Camarena to collect any letters dropped off during the camp week. Do not mail your letter to the camp. It will NOT get there in time! Unless it is an emergency, phone calls to the camp may not be relayed to your child. Please do not call camp since their lines are reserved for regular office business.

Q. How much money should my child send in to use at the camp store?

That is completely up to you. A list of camp souvenirs and their prices was given to your child. Clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts) is going to be approximately $20 and up. Your child needs to send in the cash to Mrs. Hughes BEFORE leaving for camp. The cash is labelled and “deposited” with the camp store for credit. Students will not be allowed to spend any cash they directly have on them, or cash lying around in their luggage. All money needs to be deposited in advance. Whatever is not spent, students will have returned to them at the end of the camp week.

Q. What will students do if it rains?

Get soaked of course! 🙂 Honestly if it rains, the camp counselors will adjust their schedule based on what seems fit. Sprinkles? Groups will probably still hike. Downpours? Then groups may stay inside and do alternative activities. Parents should have children pack layers of clothes for change of weather: waterproof jacket or poncho, sweatshirts, extra pairs of socks, and at least 2 pairs of good tennis shoes / hiking boots. Kids will be miserable if they are not warm!

Q. How long of a shower do students get?

That will left to the camp counselor’s discretion and how many kids are in one cabin. There can be up to 24 students in one cabin, and one bathroom to share.

Q. If my child has asthma, how does he/she get the medication? What if my child gets sick before camp?

All medications – prescribed or over-the-counter –  will need to be collected by our school nurse on the day Camarena leaves for camp. Students may not carry any medications on them (including cough drops). The camp counselors  will keep all the medications with them during hikes and outdoor activities,  and will give as necessary. If you child gets sick the weekend before camp, you can still deliver cough syrup to the nurse on the day of departure.  However, in the case of extreme sickness at camp, the child will be evaluated by the nurse. Next steps will be taken and communicated to parents, just as if at Camarena.

Q. What if my child has food allergies?

Any current allergy information with our school nurse, including the mandatory Medical Health History Form, will be communicated to the staff at Camp Marston. The kitchen staff is prepared to make food alternatives for kids with allergies or cultural preferences. 


6th Grade Camp really is an unforgettable experience for students. They often come back with a different (better) perspective of the environment, and a renewed attitude of the Y’s core values.

If there is anything I can do to clarify your child’s experience, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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