Homework gives students an opportunity to practice skills learned throughout the school week. It can also be simply a chance to continue, or finish a task given during the school day.  I do not believe in giving homework as busy-work or just to fill time. Any homework should be purposeful and fulfilling!  It can also be unique and out-of-the-box. Therefore, homework may look different for every student. Some examples may be:

  • Read a chapter from a book and discuss the author’s theme through a video clip;
  • Give an example of a real-world connection to a geometry concept, then save your notes on Google Drive;
  • Work on designing and publishing a science infographic about plant ecosystems using multimedia;
  • Comment on each of your table members’ blogs about which was the best social contribution to mankind.

Homework Schedule Consistencies:

  • Reading Homework is a “given” – 40 minutes or more a night of a book of choice. Students will be asked to show reading comprehension through various modes including writing for blogs, their digital portfolio website, video or other multimedia.
  • Videos – Students will be asked to watch videos pertaining to subjects in advance of the teaching to give an introduction to the topic. This will most frequently be done with math concepts.
  • Unfinished classwork – will be sent home to be completed and returned the next day.
  • Electives – In preparation for middle school, the sixth grade students will be rotating through classroom teachers for Science, Social Studies & Writing. While homework may vary day to day, students will be held accountable for each subject given by their respective teacher.
  • Absences – If absent, the student is responsible for returning any missing work via hard copy, or online in a reasonable amount of time. For example, if a student is absent for 2 days, then she has two days to complete the work. Mrs. Hughes will not accept late work unless the circumstances have been discussed in advance with the parent. 90% of class work will be posted online. Again, students are expected to know assignments given by any one of their teachers.
  • Projects – Homework guidelines may vary for projects depending on benchmark deadlines.

Quality not quantity

I’d encourage students to budget their time to complete homework in a timely manner, without compromising extracurricular or family activities. They will feel intrinsic satisfaction and be preparing themselves for the rigors of middle school and beyond!

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