Students will also be practicing regularly how to justify their answers: communicating both verbally and in writing why the math answer makes sense!

  • Students will need to take math lesson notes in their spiral notebook, or save help documents given online.  Because of this, it is very important that students keep accurate notes and collaborative observations in order to refer to them whenever they are confused about a math procedure.
  • Video lessons will be provided as often as possible to reinforce the learning.  The expectation is that students watch any supplemental videos to help better understand the taught skill, or perhaps help an adult with assisting the student at home.

Math Curricula – Students will be using Go MathEureka Math  and following the district pacing guide to align with the Common Core Standards. Our grade level will also be using TenMarks, an online program to scaffold skills from week to week.

The 6th Grade Pacing will be:

Topic 1: Ratios & Rates

Topic 2: Dividing Fractions

Topic 3: Rational Numbers

Topic 4: Expressions & Equations

Topic 5: Area & Surface Area & Volume Problems

Topic 6: Statistics

There are many other supplementary websites/games on the Internet which will  also reinforce basic computation skills. This would be helpful if a student still struggles with multiplication or division. You are welcome to explore some of them.

Suggested Math Sites for practice:


Adapted Mind

Khan Academy


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