Social Studies

Social Studies will be taught in conjunction with Language Arts. We will incorporate fictional literature to bring our topics to life! Students use the district-adopted Harcourt textbook in sixth grade, and follow the CA State Standards.  The Common Core Standards address reading and writing literacy in social studies by asking students to demonstrate understanding of expository texts, diagrams, charts, citing evidence, research, and become critical readers of various media. Units  include:

Unit 1 – Early Humankind

  • Chapter 1: The World’s Early People
  • Chapter 2: Early Farmers & City Dwellers

Unit 2 – Mesopotamia, Egypt, & Kush

  • Chapter 3: Civilizations in Mesopotamia
  • Chapter 4: Egyptian Civilization
  • Chapter 5: Nubia & Kush

Unit 3 – The Ancient Hebrews

  • Chapter 6:  Origins of Judaism
  • Chapter 7:  Changes for the Jewish People

Unit 4 – The Ancient Greeks

  • Chapter 8: The Early Greeks
  • Chapter 9: The Golden Age

Unit 5 – Early Civilizations of India & China

  • Chapter 10: Ancient India
  • Chapter 11: Ancient China

Unit 6 – The Development of Rome

  • Chapter 12: The Early Romans
  • Chapter 13: The Roman Empire
  • Chapter 14: Christianity & the Legacies of Rome

Common Core Standards – 6th grade – Social Studies

Click here for extra social studies activities linked to units and chapters.




This is my social studies Google Slides on Ancient Greece.



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