Students will have their own Google Drive accounts to create and save documents in the Cloud. The suite includes: GoogleDocs, Sheets, Presentations, and Gmail. Their accounts are specifically meant for academic use only. All students will be held accountable for all aspects of their Drive responsibly as signed by the Camarena Internet Use agreement.  If students abuse these privileges, their account will be suspended.  Likewise, all students will get to have their own student blog account using Edublogs. This will act as a hub to extend collaboration outside of the Camarena community.  Moderation of posts & comments will beGoogle-Drive-logo conducted by Mrs. Hughes as necessary.

Writing genres taught during the year will include:

  • narrative
  • expository/explanatory Edublogs-2k7t2ct
  • argumentative

Students will be asked to produce other writing pieces integrated into the curriculum such as research reports, poetry, news stories, editorials, and journaling.  At the sixth grade, students will be reminded to edit their work for “non-negotiables” such as common capitalization, punctuation and grammar. Our goal at Camarena is to “go digital” as much as possible. Therefore, your child will be given time in class to practice computer skills to apply to the writing process:  word processing, notetaking, annotating documents, & online research. The consistent use of a digital device to handle these skills will be key.

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