Student Edublog Challenge!

Last week, our class came back from a two-week Fall Break sbc2016-s76n2uvacation. Now that we are back, we are jumping right into the Student Edublog Challenge presented by Miss Wyatt (or Miss W online). If you are visiting our page for the first time, welcome! Our class actually had a head-start introducing ourselves way back in July/August when our new school year began. Please feel free to visit the student blogroll to read about our 6th grade students. We are excited to share our stories and connect through comments. If you are a student commenting, please remember to include your web address in the comment post. That way, we can visit your page, too.

To epax_coverxtend our global connections, we are also reading Pax, by Sara Pennypacker as part of the Global Read Aloud. It’s not too late to join in, and students may be posting their thoughts on the book here, as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Homework – July 21, 2016

Hello 414 Families-

It’s been a great first two days in Room 414. Starting next week, homework will be posted for our class on Google Classroom and synced with their Google Calendar. However, for tonight posting to the blog will do. Students also received a paper calendar sheet today as a substitute.


Math – finish gluing math notebook Table of Contents sheets. If students forgot  theirs, please have a notebook ready for tomorrow’s first math lesson.


  1. Finish “What In My Name?” writing (picture is not due yet)
  2. Me Bag- choose up to 3 items to share with the class, decorate the outside of the bag with a favorite emoji

Other – parents need to fill out any school & teacher paperwork and return by tomorrow!

Welcome Back-to-School, Robogriffins!!

Hello, 6th Grade Parents & Students! I am so happy to welcome you back to Camarena for our 2016-2017 year! If were not able to make it to our 6th Grade Orientation on Monday, July 18th, we will have an archived video link on our Camarena News channel before the first day of school. A link to the Powerpoint presentation is also available here: Sixth_orientation_16_17.ppt. In the meantime, please download my student supply list here: Hughes Supply List. Each sixth grade classroom’s list is different. I look forward to connecting with you soon. See you bright, and early on Wednesday, July 20th. *Reminder: the first day is a minimum day, with dismissal at 1:15pm.

Hughes Supply List.pptx


Pasta 4 Pennies Drive 2016


Room 414 Families-

Camarena will be hosting its annual Pasta-for-Pennies Drive through April 29th. Money collected will go towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to research cancer prevention. Your child will be sent home with a cardboard box to collect coins. We encourage them to do what they can to help fight the terrible diseases of cancer, particularly in young children.

The class with the most raised will receive a pasta party sponsored by Olive Garden! Individuals will also be awarded milestone prizes by the organization.

More details are attached here….pasta-dear-parent-letter

Thanks for all your support!

April 4-8: Slice of Life

Slice of Life

slice of life- roller skating
slice of life- roller skating

As we continue to practice narrative writing, let’s use our imagination to come up with a story or “Slice of Life” from this photo! Many of you had great first drafts. This week, you need to revise the story you started. Remember what are the features that make a strong narrative: (1) clear characters, (2) descriptive language, (3) a problem& solution (4) dialogue. You are allowed to use this photo on your post.

Once you post your narrative, we will have some time to give each other some feedback!


Room 414 – March Update

Dear Parents & Families of Room 414–

Thank you to all the families for taking the time to listen to your child’s student-led conference these last two weeks! I hope their presentations were able to give you some insight into what they’ve learned as a 6th grader. It should also give you an idea of what areas they need to improve upon before the end of the school year. Here is what’s ahead in the last quarter at Camarena…

MathStatistics & Probability, Geometry & Area  These will be the last two units to cover. We anticipate finishing by the beginning of May with time to reteach any other difficult areas before standardized testing.

Language – We will be integrating social studies with language and teaching content. We will also be reviewing all the writing genres we have tackled this year. Finally, we will be having reading groups to reinforce literature standards covered already.

Science – Students will be applying their knowledge from life & earth sciences,  then focus on an action research project connecting it to conservation. More details will be given when the students return from the break.

CAASP (California Assessments) – Our designated testing week for 6th grade will be May 16-20. Student performance on the math and language tests will determine their 8th grade courses. More information will be sent home as the date approaches.

End of the Year Activities – While the grade level is generally doing well, we have had some small incidents of poor behavior on the playground and/or distractions during class. We will be reminding that all students are required to follow the Camarena rules if they want to be considered for any “reward” activities. Teachers will be making criteria for behavior as well as homework habits for students to qualify for field trips and parties!

Spring Student-Led Conferences 2016

Families of Room 414-

Today, your child will be receiving a paper copy for you to sign up for Spring Conferences. These start March 10-17th, and all of these will be minimum days. Unlike the Fall conferences, these will be “student-led” conferences. So, your child will be making a brief presentation to you of his/her learning for the quarter. Our room will have up to three families presenting simultaneously in our room (not to each other- just their respective parents).

Below is a Google form to sign up. Families need only sign up online OR have your child return the paper copy. Please indicate your first, second, and third choices in case time slots fill up. If you have any questions, just let me know!



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