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We’re just one week away from our big adventure of 6th Grade Camp! In this week’s post, write at least 2 paragraphs answering Ivan Kodzhanikolov via Compfightall three questions.

1) What is the one thing you can’t wait to try or experience at camp? Describe it, and explain why.

2) What is one thing you hope to avoid or doesn’t happen to ruin your camp week? Describe it, and explain why.

3) What will you miss from home or school? Describe it, and explain why.

If you are not attending camp, change “at camp” to “at school” and adapt your opinion to your situation.

Room 414- February update

Dear Parents & Families of Room 414 — 

Happy Presidents’ & Valentine’s Day!  Please take a moment to review some important details about Camp, Eastlake Middle School, and Parent Conferences.  

23304_132957636723929_2050_n-1svo2tg6th Grade Camp >  Feb. 22-26 …. One week to go!

  • Camp Store money deposits – The last day I’ll accept any cash towards your child’s Camp Store purchases will be Friday, Feb. 19th.  Students are not limited to how much they deposit. Any leftover money will be returned to the child at the end of camp. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT MONEY THE MORNING OF CAMP!
  • Camp Equipment & Clothes – Please review the list of appropriate items to pack and NOT pack. The weather has been unusual since January. Layers are recommended. No electronics of any kind – phones, iPads, digital cameras. Disposable cameras are ok. Students are expected to carry their own luggage. Pack what is necessary, not just what they want!
  • Medications – All medications need to be in sealed containers with the prescription label. If your child gets sick the weekend before camp, any over-the-counter medication needs to be in the original packaging and appropriate for their age. Students may not even have cough drops in their possession. All meds will be collected by our school nurse and kept at the Camp Marston Health Office.
  • Parent Letters – You will be able to turn in as many sealed letters to your child as you’d like, with me on the morning we leave. Some parents write on each envelope, the day of the week they’d like their child to read the letter (ie. Jane Smith-Monday, Jane Smith-Tuesday..etc). This is a great way for younger siblings to say “hi” to their brothers or sisters. If you forget, another mail delivery may be collected at Camarena in the middle of the week, and our principals may bring these up during their visit. Please DO NOT directly mail to Camp Marston, because it will not get there in time. No care packages please- letters only.

Eastlake Middle School course registration

ELM_Logo-212x2006th Grade had an hour-long orientation of Eastlake Middle School onFeb.11th. Your child has an important packet to share with you about selecting his/her 7th grade elective. All the details are in the packet. A minor mistake: please DISREGARD any stapled orange slip regarding Dual Immersion. This was a mistake on the middle school’s part. For parents interested in learning more or visiting the campus, a separate parent orientation will be held at Eastlake Middle on March 3rd for Camarena. All registration packets can be turned in to Mrs. Hughes by March 9th.

Student-Led Parent Conferences

parent-teacher-conference.previewPlease save the dates of March 10-18. These will be Parent Conference days. This time, your child will be in charge, making a presentation of their learning. A separate Google Form will be emailed soon, for you to choose your conference day & time.


Room 414- January Update

Dear Parents & Families of Room 414–

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! I hope 2016 brings you and your family great joy and blessings. I also hope you had a wonderful, restful Winter Break. I am excited to see your children back in class. I’m not sure if it was something in their stockings, but they all seem to be a whole lot TALLER! Here are highlights of things to come…

Math > Module 4 Expressions and Equations – Students are practicing modeling and writing algebraic expressions. They will have had some indirect experience with this through coding and word problems. We will be using both the Eureka & GoMath workbook sheets to help with this concept.

Language > We are starting a new book called Flush by Carl Hiaasen. 9780375861253_p0_v1_s260x420The premise of the book is set in Florida, about a boy who wants to vindicate his father’s imprisonment related to environmental issues. This topic will go along well with our science unit for the quarter: Earth Science. Students will also continue adding to their blogs. These will serve as student work portfolios later in the quarter for conferences.

Science > Earth Science & climate will be our next focus. We will be specifically discussing weather patterns and how the Earth’s water is related to weather and climate. As we go to 6th Grade Camp, many of these concepts will be strengthened through the YMCA program activities.

6th Grade Camp > We will be having a Camp Marston Parent camp marstonInformational Meeting on Wednesday Jan. 20th at 3:00 in the Camarena Library. This will be the one time for parents to meet all the teachers in person to discuss any concerns for your child attending camp. If your family still needs to turn in your child’s Medical Health History form or money, we need it NOW. January 29th is the deadline for Camarena to make our deposit. If your child will not be attending camp, please also let me know so that I can make accommodations for their instruction. **Room 414 only has 4 families paid in full. Without ¾ of the total student attendance, we may need to cancel Camp!**

Quarter 3 will prove to be a very FAST quarter. Please remind your children to keep up with their regular homework responsibilities and attendance. I’m excited to see where we are going in 2016!

Dates to Remember

  • Jan 18 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL
  • Jan 20 – Camp Marston Informational Meeting in Library @ 3pm
  • Jan. 29 – Camp Marston full payment due – $275 (payable to Camarena Elementary)
  • Feb. 12-15 – President’s Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL
  • Feb. 22-26 – 6th Grade Camp @ Camp Marston

Room 414 Update- October

October 2015

Dear Room 414 Families-

Welcome back to Quarter 2! I hope families had a restful and enjoyable time with their children. We have lots of learning in store for this quarter. Here is what to expect:

515wROfUwqL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Language / Social Studies > We will be starting a new book, The Egypt Game, to connect with our Social Studies unit. The Social Studies unit, is of course – Egypt!  Each child should be getting his or her own copy of the book to use. Please remind them that this is still school property, and to be careful not to lose it.

Blogging >  The Student Edublog Challenge just got started thisStudent Blogging Challenge 2015 week. Students will be posting at least one topic each week for 10 weeks. They’ll  also be able to follow other students blogs in different countries to learn more about their cultures and schools.

Science > Life Science! Our science unit will cover plant and animal sciences, and more specifically cellular biology. San Diego is known for its innovations in the medical field. If you have information to share that can help students better understand biology research or environmental plant science, please let me know! I would love to have experts come visit.

We could be lost! > Our DonorsChoose Project: Find Me a Treasure needs just $600 left to bring GPS units to our classroom. The deadline is November 13th !! We intend to share these with all of the Camarena campus on Geocaching walks. If you would still like to donate, please visit the link here, or pass this onto your social networks or places of business. Every bit helps.

Camarena Fall Festival Silent Auction Basket > This year, Camarena is hosting a Fall Festival (instead of the Winter Wonderland). This will be the night of Friday, November 6th. Our class theme will be a Science Basket. If you can donate please visit this link so I can collect items.  Last year, our Science Basket went for the highest bid of all the classrooms, at over $200!

6th Grade Camp >  Forms went home for the Butter Braid Pastry fundraiser to help with camp cost. Students may fundraise until October 22nd. Orders will arrive November 5th. Your child will receive $6 for every pastry sold. YMCA Health History forms may also be filled out can be turned in any time between now and January.

Thanks for all your support!

Mrs. Hughes


Weekly Blog Assignment: Mar. 2-6 Slice of Life – Camarena Classes!

Due tomorrow is your…

1) Camp Week Blog post: share about your (1) favorite class and your (1) favorite activity from Camp. Explain with detail to inform your readers.

2) Make two separate Student Portfolios tabs: Language & Math, and write your reflections. Be ready to have these for Monday for your peers to give you feedback.


Camarena Classes are doing “Slice of Life” too!! Please visit these class pages andsliceoflife give them some feedback.


Mrs. Alcantara’s 4th grade

Mrs. Mena’s 5th grade 

Room 414- February Update

Dear Parents-

Welcome to the shortest month of our year, chocked full of things to do!! Here are updates for our class:

Spelling Bee – Last month, each class sent a student to participate in the Camarena spellingbeeSchool Spelling  Bee. We are SOOOO excited to have our own Patrick C. represent our ENTIRE 6th grade as the first  place winner!!! He will compete tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 7th in the District Spelling Bee level. It will be  at Camarena at 12:00. Come by to support him!

Camp Marston Notes-
1) Thanks to all families for being prompt in sending in your camp dues & slips! We have nearly all of  the 6th grade students attending. Students were able to pick their cabin bunk preferences this week,  and they will know their roommates once they reach camp. We’ve reminded them that there are no  guarantees who they get to bunk with, and the final decision will be made by the teachers.

Camp Marston2) Although I have access to your child’s medical information in the office, please remind me if your child has any allergies or dietary needs which the camp staff should be aware of. We will tell them in advance.

3) Finally, your child may start bringing in any extra money they may want to spend on the camp store.  How much they spend is up to you. They are allowed to buy one snack and drink each day, and souvenirs. Prices were listed on the initial packet that went home.

Eastlake Middle School Orientations-
1) Next week, Eastlake Middle will be visiting our campus TWICE during the school day. ELM_Logo-212x200The first visit  will be by the Eastlake Middle Band. They will explain to your child why band may be a good fit for  them as an elective. If your child has NO experience with musical instruments, but you’d like for them  to try it…may I say this is the PERFECT way to go about it, especially when it’s free! The second  presentation will be from the Eastlake Middle school counselors. They will go over in detail about  choosing classes for next year. Expect a registration packet to come home with your child which will  need to be completed before the end of the month.

2) A separate Parent Orientation is scheduled at Eastlake Middle School on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 6pm.  For those students who may be going to a different middle school, you should have received  information in the mail describing “next steps.” Please contact the middle schools for clarification, or  attend the Parent Orientation for more info. Download the flyer here.

2015-2016 Parent Cover Letter for Course Selection Sheetscopy

Valentine Day Swap – In celebration of Valentines Day, your child may bring in Valentines cards/candies for classmates next Thursday. We have 29 students. I will provide a separate list of first  names for them to download on Edmodo. If your child chooses to bring valentines, please do not  leave anyone out. They should bring one for EVERY CHILD. This is an optional swap. Please do not  send cookies or desserts.

SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) – You may have heard and are wondering, “What  IS this??” Last year, your child was exposed to the new state testing methods. This involved using  computers rather than paper-pencil scanned test. Last year was purely to get the feel of how the test will be run, and nothing counted. This year, the scores will count. In February, we will take the  Practice SBAC test, with the real test coming later in Quarter 4. This practice test will take two days.

Spring Conferences – Already?!! Please save the dates of Thursday March 12-Thursday March 19 as  Student-Led Spring Conferences. These will be minimum days. Your child will be reflecting the next  several weeks on their reading, writing and math performances this quarter, and will be making a  presentation to YOU on their conference date. More info to come.

No school Friday, Feb. 13 & Monday Feb. 16 for Presidents Day Weekend

Thanks for your support!

Camp is coming!!!

Families of Room 414-

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the grind! I hope you had a wonderful,
relaxing break with your children. I was happy so many great stories of their break.
Apparently, dogs must be the best Christmas gift?! There were at least three
students who received one!

We have just started into Quarter 3, but we all know the month is now halfway over!!
MOST important announcement for this month:


It is imperative that money and forms be turned in as soon as possible. I need to
give Camp Marston a tentative number of who is attending. Also, the nurse needs to
review every child’s health history individually, before leaving. If we don’t have at
least 90 students from the entire grade level paid, camp will need to be cancelled!! If
you need to attend the informational meeting, this will be held Wednesday Jan. 14th
(tomorrow) at 3:00 in the Camarena library. We will NOT have extra camp forms,
however these will be provided here for you to download. Students will attend a similar meeting for them on Friday during school hours.

Parent Guide (English)

Parent Guide (espanol)

Medical Health Form (English)

Medical Health Form (Spanish)

Packing List (English)

Packing List (Spanish)


Room 414- December Update

Dear Families-

Happy December! I hope this email finds you and your family well-rested from our week-long break! I am looking forward to working with your children as we come back to school tomorrow, Monday December 1st! We are now heading for the tail end of our Quarter 2. Here are some things to know for this month.

Friday Dec. 5th Winter Wonderland Donations DUE > We are still in need of donations for this year’s Winter scienceWonderland silent auction basket. Thank you to the Salcido, Payne and Cervantez families for your help! If you’ve secured any “Black Friday” deals, maybe these could go towards the basket?? Our classroom’s “Science Experiments” theme is due this FRIDAY. Sign-ups and suggested items can be found at
this Google Form link . Anything would be appreciated to represent our class. Please visit the school Camarena blog for other details about the Winter Wonderland coming Dec. 12th.

Thursday Dec. 18th Gallery of Experts > This is an opportunity to see your child’s expertise in either social studies or science in an informal “open house” gallery. We will be hosting the gallery in our own classrooms from 3:00-4:00pm. We would like your child to stay after school if possible to field questions, however we know this may not be an option for everyone. Please take a moment, if your schedule allows, to visit these very special projects!

report2Friday Dec. 19th Q2 Report Cards > As you may recall, during Quarter 1 conferences your child only received a report card detailing general behaviors, citizenship and homework habits. I was also able to show some samples of their work based upon Common Core expectations. Our school district has now finalized the official Common Core report card, and I will be able to give your child marks for subject areas taught for both Quarter 1 & Quarter 2. These will go home just before the Winter Break. There are no parent conferences scheduled in the second quarter. However, I will be happy to schedule any informal conferences after the New Year, once you have had a chance to review the new report card with your child.

Friday Jan 30, 2015 Camp Balance DUE > Camp Marston is in just two months! This week I will be sending home camp balance notices to remind of what your child needs to pay, as well as the medical health form. If your child has a history of asthma or other conditions which require a doctor signature, you may want to plan a visit to your provider well in advance to take of the paperwork. In January, we will have a parent informational meeting after school to review all the detail for luggage. Details to come.

Math > This week I will be focusing on using TenMarks – our free math online website – to review skills more
logo consistently. Students will be asked to work on these at their own pace during the week, with specific assignments due each Friday. Please be sure your child has Internet access to practice these math problems if completing at home. They will also have time in class to work on TenMarks as well.

Language > Also, this week, I will be introducing another online program called NoRedInk.com. It will allow your child to practice grammar skills in context. They will get their own account login and be able to access it in class and at home. Just like TenMarks, students will be expected to work on assignments at their own pace, with specific due dates in mind.

Science > During the vacation, your child was assigned to collect research sources and notes on the science topic of their choice. These notes go towards one of the Gallery of Experts projects. Please review with them the project outline so they are prepared in class.

Welcome back!

Room 414 – October update

Dear Families-

Happy Fall! I trust you had some time to relax your brains with your children – or least they did! Here are some important notes for this month.

Report Cards > Thank you to all of who were able to attend parent-teacher conferences back in September. I appreciate your understanding for the District’s new report card, and hope showing some work samples gave you a better picture of math and writing standards for 6th grade. Many of the ideas and discussions I had with families I’d like to try to implement this quarter. If I still have not spoken to you regarding your child’s report card, please contact me for a phone conference as soon as possible. I am available by school phone until 4:30pm most days.

Moms & Muffins (Wed. 10/8) and Donuts & Dads (Thurs. 10/9) >

If you haven’t seen Dr. Winters’ school wide blog post, PTA is hosting a chance for you to sit

in your child’s classroom. Just as we did last year, you are welcome to shadow your child from 8:15-9:30am. Room 414 will be reviewing some PE skills, then taking on dividing fractions. Come by if you have a free moment!



Camp Fundraiser > At conference time, I mentioned to most parents that 6th grade did not plan for any camp fundraisers. However, that has now changed. Your child received an order form to sell Butter Braid pastries. You can check out their website here: https://www.butterbraid.com/ This is completely voluntary, but will certainly help subsidize the camp cost. You child will earn $6 for every pastry item sold. Orders are due October 24th, with the items delivered flash frozen on November 6th – just in time for the holidays. If you have sent in money towards camp, I can refund that amount to families.

Curriculum Subjects to cover Quarter 2…

Math > Division of Fractions

Language & Writing > Bud,Not Buddy chapter book, poetry, and primary source speeches; Argumentative writing, student blog posting

Science > Cells & Organisms & Project Based Learning

Social Studies > Egypt & incorporating Argumentative writing

Tech > Google Apps for Education (word processing, file storage), TenMarks (math), Glogster (interactive poster publishing)