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February Update

Dear Families of Room 414-

Just one more week until your child is at 6th Grade Camp! Here are some luggage issues I’d like to clarify before then. These were addressed both at the follow-up meeting in January, and within our own classroom last week:


Camp Tips

**Pack layers and to be ready in case the weather changes. Temperatures may get into the 40s at night.
**Pack least two pairs of sturdy shoes (for muddy trails) and several pairs of socks. No one wants to be walking in wet shoes!

**Any electronics – including phones – are not allowed at camp, per the YMCA guidelines. (Besides, they will not be able to get any reception)

**We’ve also reminded them that although we want them to enjoy and have fun, that camp is not a “resort”. They need to bring what they NEED and not what they WANT. Limit to (2) pieces of luggage: a large duffel or suitcase, and a sleeping bag. Students will be carrying their own luggage to their cabins.

If you would like to write a letter to your child at camp, both Dr. Winters and Mrs. Orr will be making trips to Camp Marston, and can courier letters up. Every year, my students have enjoyed receiving news from home the “old-fashioned way.” Please have your letters ready no later than Wednesday afternoon with the front office. Don’t mail these yourselves, or your child will not get it in time!

After camp….Yes, after the excitement of the mountain, students will be need to prep themselves for report cards

Quarter 3 Parent Conferences & Report Cards > I will be hosting Student-Led Conferences with you & your child coming up in March. This will be very different than the traditional parent conference,

student led conferencessince your child will be showcasing what he/she has been learning. You WILL have some time to speak to me to ask questions and concerns, of course. However, most of the conference will be looking at the student’s thinking and products. More details will go home shortly, including scheduling a time to confer.

Eastlake Middle School Visits > The middle school’s counselors, band and strings orchestra will be making visits to speak to your children about 7th grade and electives. These visits will be recorded and archived on our Ustream Channel. We will NOT be having a field trip to Eastlake Middle, so all the information they will share will be coming to your child at school. A separate parent orientation by Eastlake Middle will be scheduled and announced in the near future.

Thank you for all your participation, and as always please email me with any questions!

Camp Follow-up Meeting

A 6th grade camp followup meeting will be held on Monday, Jan. 27th from 3:00-3:30 pm in the Library Media Center. This will be to review equipment issues, last minute details, and watch a short video describing Camp Marston. Families who cannot attend will be welcome to view a recorded archive at our school’s Ustream Channel.

**Want to help with your 6th grader’s end-of-the-year activities? A parent volunteer will also be leading a discussion immediately after the meeting, for those interested in staying.


Happy New Year!

Greetings, Camarena 414 Families!Happy-New-Year-2014

I trust you and your children have had a restful, maybe indulging vacation! Can you believe we are already into 2014 ?! When you children come back to school on Tuesday, Jan. 14th, we will be exactly at the halfway point of the school year! I hope you were able to celebrate some of their accomplishments these last two quarters. Quarter 3 is going to go by very quickly, with many short weeks because of the holidays and camp. Here are some things to add to your calendar:

January 14th > Camarena students return to school. This is a FULL DAY.


January 20th > No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

January TBD
> 6th Grade Camp Followup Informational Meeting- What to bring. An archived video recording of the meeting will be posted if parents cannot attend in person.

February 14-17 > No School – Presidents Day Weekend

camp marston

February 24-28 > 6th Grade Camp! Students who do not participate, will still be required to attend school at Camarena, since at least one teacher will be staying behind to teach non-campers.


March 13-21 > Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parents will receive their scheduled appointment dates by the end of February.


Winter Break Cultural Project > Your child has been asked to complete a cultural presentation about his/her family. The details were sent home before break, and digital copies are also online on their Edmodo account, and on our classroom website blog post. These are due when they come back Jan. 14th. I can’t wait to hear more about your families’ heritage!

Gallery of Experts Online > Your child did an exceptional job on his/her science presentation last December! Dr. Winters sent this email the next day to the 6th grade teachers, “Brilliant, brilliant, brillant!”  The Ustream videos will briefly remain online this month, and then will be removed. If you’d like a chance to listen to your child, or any another 6th grader, please go to our Camarena Elementary Ustream Channel and scroll through the videos to watch!

Content Standards > This quarter, the 6th grade plans to cover these topics and integrate Common Core State Standards & Next Generation Science Standards. In Room 414, I plan to spend much more time on reading comprehension in small groups. Reading comprehension is an area I noticed students struggled with during our testing assessments.

    • Reading- More small group Guided Reading strategies using varied literature
    • Writing – Argument/Opinion genre
    • Math – Positive & Negative Numbers and Using a Coordinate Grid
    • Social Studies – Review of Egypt content, Greece
    • Science – Earth & Human Activity
    • Technology – Coding, increased book reviews & bloggingblog


Science Expo Field Trip > We have been granted FREE bus transportation in March to enjoy part of the San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering! The exact activity and date is TBD. We will need chaperones, so please keep the week of March 17-21 in mind, when I do get more details.

VOICEMAIL! > Finally, we have voicemail. Please refer to the direct email that was sent to parents for Mrs. Hughes’ voicemail extension.

Whew!!! I think that is all for now. Looking forward to a great 2014!

Camp Fundraiser Update


Based upon parents comments and the recent fundraiser survey, we will be holding three (3) more fundraisers. These will include:

Community Yard Sale – October 19th 8am-12pm in the Camarena Parking Lot. For more details, download the flyer here [YardSaleflyer], then register online for a space. 6th Grade Families will not be charged a fee. However, we need at least TEN reservations to hold this event.


Restaurant Nights – O’s American Kitchen (October  24th),


Chick-Fil-A (November 8th)


Candy Sale – Starting October, candy types & brand to be determined