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Edublog Award – Asking for your vote!

CVqQXMmU4AAjb91Our classroom has been so fortunate to have been nominated this year in the Student Edublog Challenge- Best Class Blog category. I am extremely excited and honored, since this is the second year our class has received any kind of nomination. There are so many great blogs out there, so this is a real treat! It’s also so encouraging, as a teacher, to know others like me are promoting writing for the 21st century in fun and creative ways. I often feel guilty for not having more time to read through as many blogs I can. I know I need to work more as a better blog mentor. However, just learning a bit from other countries is an inspiration! Whoever is out there…I speak for my class that we thank you for your vote. Keep reading and writing, and communicate with the world! You can vote for us until December 16th: mrshughesclass.info under the Best Class Blog downdrop menu.

Vote Bella–our Edublog Finalist!!


So this week, I received an email that the 2014 Edublog Awards voting polls were now open. I didn’t think anything of it, until I noticed one of my student’s name, and the name of her blog, on the list. At first, I thought, “Hmmm, the name ‘Bella’s Blog’ must be pretty common. What a coincidence!” After all, there were THOUSANDS of entries in DOZENS of categories, from schools AROUND THE WORLD, that poured in to the Edublog headquarters in last month. SEVERAL Edublogs staff members sifted through them…really, what were the chances? But then I clicked on the link and got very excited. Our very own Bella H. from Room 414 was one of forty-four finalists for Best Student Blog 2014! 


I think I can speak for her classmates who are elated to have her nominated, and can’t wait to see the results in mid December. Now, we need YOUR VOTE!

—–> If you are a student under 13, then it’s easy…visit the Student Edublog Challenge Voting page and vote from the poll list.

—–> If you’re an adult, vote using the link above OR vote using the List.ly poll below. Results will show in real-time. The List.ly widget can also be embedded or shared so you can spread the word.

1) You will need to create a quick, free List.ly account. 2) Search the choice by keyword “Bella”. 3) Then click the “like” thumb to vote . You can vote once a day, every day until December 15th.

Thanks so much for considering her. And while you’re at it, please visit any of her 28 AMAZING classmates from their links on this page. They’d love to hear your comments!