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“The Cost of War”– connections to Pax

This week we don’t have an Edublog Challenge, Week #4.  Instead, let’s look at Pax and make connections to what we may know about war.  There are different kinds of “war.” There’s the physical, global wars that need soldiers to fight. Then there are closer “wars” like what we face in our communities: war on drugs, war on crime, wars
imgreson bullying.
You task this week…

Vola tells Peter: “People should tell the truth about what war cost.” Choose ONE type of literal or metaphoric “war” you have some experience with.  Similar to Vola’s character, describe the physical and emotional costs people may feel when going to “war” or “fighting”  to make something better.  What you warn someone about getting into this war. This is a great time to make a connection to Red Ribbon Week since this ongoing war has affects so many people today.