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We’re just one week away from our big adventure of 6th Grade Camp! In this week’s post, write at least 2 paragraphs answering Ivan Kodzhanikolov via Compfightall three questions.

1) What is the one thing you can’t wait to try or experience at camp? Describe it, and explain why.

2) What is one thing you hope to avoid or doesn’t happen to ruin your camp week? Describe it, and explain why.

3) What will you miss from home or school? Describe it, and explain why.

If you are not attending camp, change “at camp” to “at school” and adapt your opinion to your situation.

Weekly Blog Assignment: Dec. 15-19

Quarter 2 Reflection

by anysnapshot.com

So, we’re winding down Quarter 2 of our school year. Time to reflect. Go back to the

beginning of your student blog. You wrote about two goals: (1) academic and (1) personal which you would like to work towards achieving by the end of December. So, how did you do?? Write at least two paragraphs describing your thoughts about your performance. Consider some questions in your response:

1) What did I do (or not do) to reach my goal?

2) If one thing could have been changed, what would it have been?

3) Am I satisfied with where I am now?

Post your reflections. Feel free to include any photos from our class during the quarter to enhance your post, or clipart. Be sure to practice citing where the photo came in the “caption” box, to give credit.