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Room 414 – March Update

Dear Parents & Families of Room 414–

Thank you to all the families for taking the time to listen to your child’s student-led conference these last two weeks! I hope their presentations were able to give you some insight into what they’ve learned as a 6th grader. It should also give you an idea of what areas they need to improve upon before the end of the school year. Here is what’s ahead in the last quarter at Camarena…

MathStatistics & Probability, Geometry & Area  These will be the last two units to cover. We anticipate finishing by the beginning of May with time to reteach any other difficult areas before standardized testing.

Language – We will be integrating social studies with language and teaching content. We will also be reviewing all the writing genres we have tackled this year. Finally, we will be having reading groups to reinforce literature standards covered already.

Science – Students will be applying their knowledge from life & earth sciences,  then focus on an action research project connecting it to conservation. More details will be given when the students return from the break.

CAASP (California Assessments) – Our designated testing week for 6th grade will be May 16-20. Student performance on the math and language tests will determine their 8th grade courses. More information will be sent home as the date approaches.

End of the Year Activities – While the grade level is generally doing well, we have had some small incidents of poor behavior on the playground and/or distractions during class. We will be reminding that all students are required to follow the Camarena rules if they want to be considered for any “reward” activities. Teachers will be making criteria for behavior as well as homework habits for students to qualify for field trips and parties!

Room 414- February Update

Dear Parents-

Welcome to the shortest month of our year, chocked full of things to do!! Here are updates for our class:

Spelling Bee – Last month, each class sent a student to participate in the Camarena spellingbeeSchool Spelling  Bee. We are SOOOO excited to have our own Patrick C. represent our ENTIRE 6th grade as the first  place winner!!! He will compete tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 7th in the District Spelling Bee level. It will be  at Camarena at 12:00. Come by to support him!

Camp Marston Notes-
1) Thanks to all families for being prompt in sending in your camp dues & slips! We have nearly all of  the 6th grade students attending. Students were able to pick their cabin bunk preferences this week,  and they will know their roommates once they reach camp. We’ve reminded them that there are no  guarantees who they get to bunk with, and the final decision will be made by the teachers.

Camp Marston2) Although I have access to your child’s medical information in the office, please remind me if your child has any allergies or dietary needs which the camp staff should be aware of. We will tell them in advance.

3) Finally, your child may start bringing in any extra money they may want to spend on the camp store.  How much they spend is up to you. They are allowed to buy one snack and drink each day, and souvenirs. Prices were listed on the initial packet that went home.

Eastlake Middle School Orientations-
1) Next week, Eastlake Middle will be visiting our campus TWICE during the school day. ELM_Logo-212x200The first visit  will be by the Eastlake Middle Band. They will explain to your child why band may be a good fit for  them as an elective. If your child has NO experience with musical instruments, but you’d like for them  to try it…may I say this is the PERFECT way to go about it, especially when it’s free! The second  presentation will be from the Eastlake Middle school counselors. They will go over in detail about  choosing classes for next year. Expect a registration packet to come home with your child which will  need to be completed before the end of the month.

2) A separate Parent Orientation is scheduled at Eastlake Middle School on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 6pm.  For those students who may be going to a different middle school, you should have received  information in the mail describing “next steps.” Please contact the middle schools for clarification, or  attend the Parent Orientation for more info. Download the flyer here.

2015-2016 Parent Cover Letter for Course Selection Sheetscopy

Valentine Day Swap – In celebration of Valentines Day, your child may bring in Valentines cards/candies for classmates next Thursday. We have 29 students. I will provide a separate list of first  names for them to download on Edmodo. If your child chooses to bring valentines, please do not  leave anyone out. They should bring one for EVERY CHILD. This is an optional swap. Please do not  send cookies or desserts.

SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) – You may have heard and are wondering, “What  IS this??” Last year, your child was exposed to the new state testing methods. This involved using  computers rather than paper-pencil scanned test. Last year was purely to get the feel of how the test will be run, and nothing counted. This year, the scores will count. In February, we will take the  Practice SBAC test, with the real test coming later in Quarter 4. This practice test will take two days.

Spring Conferences – Already?!! Please save the dates of Thursday March 12-Thursday March 19 as  Student-Led Spring Conferences. These will be minimum days. Your child will be reflecting the next  several weeks on their reading, writing and math performances this quarter, and will be making a  presentation to YOU on their conference date. More info to come.

No school Friday, Feb. 13 & Monday Feb. 16 for Presidents Day Weekend

Thanks for your support!