Welcome Back, Robogriffins!

Hello, 6th Grade Parents & Students! I am so happy to welcome you back to Camarena for our 2017-2018 school year, and welcome to Room 414!  Hopefully, your 6th grade child isn’t boasting too much as being the “top dog” of the school. However, he/she IS going to get some great perks being in the 6th grade wing (reference this awesome photo from outside our classroom)  A few notes:

  • If you weren’t able to come to the school Meet & Greet with our new principal, Mr. Jonathan Strout, I know he will be around to get to know you and your child. All the teachers are very enthusiastic of his arrival, and I’m sure you will be too.
  • The first day of school is a minimum day, with dismissal at 1:15pm. Our 6th Grade teachers will be team-hosting our Curriculum Night the first day after school at 2:30pm. THE FLYER IN THE PARENT PACKETS MAY BE WRONG!!  COME AT 2:30! Please go to the second floor of the 400 wing for more details.
  • Download my student supply listed below.  Each teacher’s list is different.  Please have all supplies ready by the following Monday,  July 24th – the first full week of school.

Looking forward to meeting each of you in the coming weeks!

Hughes Supply List – 2017-18.pptx-2ibz376

Edublog Challenge – Week #3 – Images & Attibution

This week, we are learning about how to give credit where credit it due! I will admit, that I have  hard time with this myself. Using photos in class for lessons is one thing. However, when you publish something online, the whole world can see it. We are very comfortable finding photos in web searches, and throwing them on our page. However, to be fair, we REALLY need to give that person credit. Yes, that person whose photo we are using may have stolen it from someone else as well. Yet, the right thing to do, it give the photo attribution. So, your assignment for this week…

Write a separate post including 1-2 images about yourself. These can be your interests, favorite places, or photos of your family (given permission, of course). It’s up to you. When you explain each picture, include the caption with attribution. The compfight plugin is also helpful for this.